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Elliot Wave Theory Program Course was developed by Nelson Elliott to forecast price movements by observing and identifying repetitive wave patterns.  It was developed in the 1930s.  This theory gained fame in 1935 when Elliott made an incredible prediction of a stock market bottom and has since become predominant for thousands of portfolio managers, and private investors. This Elliott wave theory has become one of the most used and popular weapons in the field of Forex Trading. Learning this will help a trader to trade foreign currencies more efficiently. Profit Pirates provides the Elliott Wave Theory Program Course Training to all the aspirants who want to Learn Elliott Wave Theory Program Course.

Rules of Elliott Wave Theory to Learn in Elliot Wave Theory Course

  1. The first rule of Elliot Wave Theory is that wave 2 cannot retrace 100% of Wave 1. What that really means is that the lowest point of Wave #2 will not be lower than the Wave 1. If you find a wave that dips lower than its ancestor, then it’s not Wave 2.
  2. Second Rule is that Wave 3 can’t be the shortest wave. Sometimes, Wave 3 is the longest, but not always.
  3. Third Rule that Wave 4 can’t overlap Wave 1. Remember that corrective waves go against the wave, wave 4 will go up when the entire wave is going down or it will go when the entire wave is going down.
Elliot Wave Theory Program Course
Elliot Wave Theory Program Course

Advantages of Elliott Wave Theory:-

  1. All these make it possible to formulate more mature and advanced strategies in trading while stable keep the necessary and implications of the current market action in mind.
  2. When this theory making for use, there are some key market features that a person can learn. The important point is market behavior and actions. It provides a complete report of trends within a given market.
  3. The main target of the Elliot Wave Theory Training Course is on the frequency of pricing and cost segments. This refers to highlighting and mapping different costs and prices. It is a very important aspect as it allows a person to determine future costs and expenses.
  4. The structure also highlights market cycles and offers two different waves that are known to occur within a given market. The first wave is called impulse waves, which can further be broken down into sub-patterns comprising five structures.
  5. The second wave is known as a corrective wave. This can be broken down into six subparts of waves. The categories are based on the way and patterns of waves beginning from irregular, horizontal triangle, and triple three patterns.

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Thus, the Elliot Wave Theory Course theory helps a trader to invest money in the right currency to Gain maximum profit. If any queries arise in your mind regarding that how to learn Elliot Wave Theory course, you have to learn Elliot Wave Theory course in Delhi with Profit Pirates. Profit Pirates provide Elliot Wave Theory course online and fulfill all the requirement of courses. Profit Pirates focus on the training of technical analysis program course.

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