Parveen Soni

Mr. Parveen Soni

Parveen Soni methodical approach prepared him well for trading and investing, since 2000 when he started trading he was a complete novice. After his broker caused large losses he decided he had to learn how to self-direct his portfolio and he becomes an arbitrager.

As a profitpirates Instructor, Parveen soni has faced many of the same problems and gone through the same training as his students. He has completed Pro Trader and Options Trader courses and was a student in the Stock and Options before becoming a teacher.

Parveen soni prefers trading high probability setups using equity indices, stocks futures and options. He plans trades in advance and follows his plan and rules. He emphasizes that trading is actually simple if you follow the rules and are disciplined. His focus is on managing risk and “not blowing away your trading capital.”

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