Commodity, Forex & Index

Commodity markets are at the extraordinary position within the worlds economic and political systems, this market offers excellent opportunities and high liquidity to make profit in all the environments. Forex market is a way of currency exchange. In the FX market you can change your currency in pairs. Suppose you are going to start investing your money in EURUSD currency pair. Every trader knows that trading market fluctuates every time. An index that tracks a basket of commodities to measure their performance. These indexes are often traded on exchanges, allowing investors to gain easier access to commodities without having to enter the futures market.


We seek to invest in well positioned companies there are an with strategic improvement potential and deep local and international in ourknowledge and partner with management teams to create value by driving revenue and earnings growth capital for both sides.

Correlations of Commodity, Forex & Index's Basic Fundamentals


  • What is wave?
  • How do wave develop
  • What is Elliott wave principle
  • Appling Elliott wave principle
  • Why Elliott wave necessary
  • Impulsive wave
  • Corrective wave
  • Structure wave
  • Organization
  • Progress
  • Monowaves
  • Polywaves
  • Multiwaves
  • Macrowaves
  • Classical
  • Modern
  • Combination of Classical & Modern
  • Rules of Impulsive wave construction
  • Rules of corrective wave construction
  • Elliott oscillator
  • Regression trend channels
  • False bar stochastic
  • Pitchfork
  • Elliott trigger
  • Make or break
  • Profit taking index
  • Tj’s Ellipse
  • Time clusters
  • Keltner channels
  • Joseph trend index
  • Auto trend channels

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